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SOFTSWISS  joined the celebration of World Environment Day on 5 June 2024, reinforcing its commitment to environmental sustainability through a series of green initiatives.

In a united effort, numerous employees from SOFTSWISS’ key offices in Poland and Georgia participated in local greening projects to enhance their cities’ natural beauty and ecological health. Enthusiastic team members planted various plants, contributing to the urban green spaces cherished by the community.

In Tbilisi, SOFTSWISS volunteers met at Seaside Park to plant  three-metre-high thujas, adding to the park’s verdant landscape. In Warsaw’s Morskie Oko Park employees planted ferns and root geraniums. In total, they managed to plant more than 800 plants across both cities.

These activities were conducted in collaboration with, and under the guidance of, local authorities, ensuring they fit smoothly into broader municipal greening efforts. This partnership highlights SOFTSWISS dedication to corporate responsibility, fostering strong community relationships and environmental stewardship.

“By participating in World Environment Day, we aim to draw attention to the critical importance of our planet’s health and inspire collective action among our employees and the wider community. Such initiatives are essential in promoting sustainability and fostering a culture of environmental consciousness within the iGaming community,” said Andrey Starovoitov Co-CEO at SOFTSWISS.

SOFTSWISS has recently launched a campaign to support Brazilian flood victims. The company allocated funds for immediate aid and supported the long-term project of installing water purification equipment at schools in hardest-hit regions of Brazil.

The company has five offices in Malta, Georgia, and Poland. In recent years, its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) activities have expanded to include global initiatives focusing on ecology and health. Additionally, the company actively participates in charitable, social, and cultural projects, all of which engage its employees.

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