Kenya Set to Replace Betting Control Board with Stronger Gambling Authority

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Betting Control and Licensing Board
Betting Control and Licensing Board

The Kenyan Government is taking steps to replace the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) with a new Gambling Regulatory Authority that will have more powers to regulate the betting industry. The proposed change is contained in a new legislative framework that includes the draft National Gambling Policy, the draft National Gambling Control Bill, and the draft National Lottery Bill, which will be published on Monday.

The new legislation is designed to offer greater protection for minors and to address concerns about online gambling. The BCLB has been the regulator for the betting industry in Kenya, issuing licenses for bookmakers, gaming firms, and lotteries, imposing and recovering taxes, and taking action against illegal gambling. However, the government believes that the new regulatory authority will be better equipped to address the challenges facing the industry.

The move to replace the BCLB comes after years of concerns about the social and ethical impact of gambling in Kenya. The task force responsible for the changes has noted that the sector has long been seen as a source of moral and ethical concerns, and that the new legislation is designed to establish a coherent and forward-looking view of the gambling sector as a force for social progress.

One of the key aims of the new legislation is to provide greater protection for minors. The task force has noted that many young people are being exposed to gambling through online platforms, and that this is a cause for concern. The new Gambling Regulatory Authority will have the power to take action against illegal online gambling and to ensure that minors are not targeted by gambling companies.

The proposed changes to the gambling industry in Kenya are likely to be welcomed by many, as they represent a significant step forward in the regulation of the sector. The establishment of a new regulatory authority with greater powers is likely to lead to a more effective and efficient system of regulation, which will benefit both consumers and businesses in the industry.

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